2020-2021 Roster


Sydney Andras          12

Olivia Austin             12

Davion Lemon          12

Hermione Lam          12

Erin Wallace             12

Mackenzie Defatta     11

Chiara Faircloth         11

Emma Thomas          11

Kadence Cannon       10

Gabrielle Weber         9

Erica Ingraham          9

Junior Varsity 

Hailey Tran-Bilello     10

Amairi Ashford          10

Katherine Mo            10

Faye Fitzgerald          9

Layla Harwell            9

Brooklin Warner        9

Cecelia Veters           8

Madison Barth           8

About Volleyball

The Patrick Taylor volleyball team and coaches are committed to playing and competeing at the highest level, while at the same tiime creating opportunities for every player to learn and love the game.  We are devoted to equipping individuals to excel in volleyball and life.  Everything we do is focused on giving each player the tools for developing and enhancing unique strengths as an idividual and collectively as a team.


Head Coach

Christine Henderson  

Email: christine.henderson@jpschools.org


Assistant Coach

Leslie Gilmore 

Email: leslie.gilmore@jpschools.org

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