Required Athletic Forms

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association rule 1.5.2  

Schools shall maintain an individual folder on each student-athlete in a centrally located place in the school to be determined by the principal. A school failing to adhere to all required rules and/or failing to have all required eligibility forms properly completed, signed, and maintained in the school’s files shall be subject to the penalty. Each folder shall contain the following required eligibility documents:

  1. Legal proof of birth as required (Rule 1.6)

  2. Completed and properly signed LHSAA Medical History Form (Rules 1.8)

  3. Current Medical Examination Form (Rule 1.8)

  4. Completed and properly signed LHSAA Interscholastic Athletic Participation Form (Rule 1.9)

  5. Completed and properly signed LHSAA Substance Abuse/Misuse Contract (Rule 1.10)

  6. Official copy of grades (final grades from previous school year for first semester or mid-term grade for second semester) (Rule 1.11)

  7. An official copy of the student's transcript (Rule 1.11)

  8. Checklist for 7th/8th Grade Student Participating in LHSAA Sanctioned Athletics, if applicable

JPPSS requires all of the above including 

  1. A Emergency Action Plan for each sport the students participates in

  2. Proof of Insurance

Athletic Registration 

We have partnered with FamilyId to make your yearly required LHSAA paperwork much easier.  All forms will be available online and can be completed with an e-signature. You will still need a signed physical from a physician, but all other forms are available in the link below.