Athletic Training Student Aide Program


Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy Athletic Training program is designed to create an environment where students will observe and experience the field of Sports Medicine. Student aides will gain knowledge of anatomy and physiology, sports related injuries, and the understanding of rehabilitation techniques. Student aides will also learn the application of modalities and the understanding of effectiveness of each. Lastly, they will assist with general athletic training procedures during games and practices. The goal of the program is to prepare our students for future education and professional responsibility, but most importantly to have fun while learning. 

By entering into this program, you have set yourselves apart from the normal high school student.  Expectations and standards are at a much higher level than that of a normal high school student as well. Part of the standards of an Athletic Training Student Aide include, but are not limited to, professional conduct, dress code, and ability to work with others.  

This experience requires an enormous commitment and an abundant amount of dedication.  

Practices/games will be scheduled for times after school. This program is designed to be student oriented in that “You Will Get Out of It Whatever You Put into It!”  


* If you are interested in joining our Athletic Training Student Aide Program, have any questions, please visit the Athletic Training Room or email Mrs. Courtney.